Every life is a sacred journey worthy of celebration. Whether life has ended or is nearing the end,  this time may prove to be its’ most meaningful milestone.

Time seems to stand still when a loved one dies.  Those left dealing with loss are faced with logistical details that need their attention.  Contacting us during this time may be helpful

We meet with family members and friends. With compassion and respect we create a sacred space for stories and memories to be shared. There may be tears, but there’s usually laughter too, as we weave together a ceremony to acknowledge the significance of the life we honor.

The loss of a child, at any moment in time, is one of life’s most challenging experiences. It would be a privilege to hold sacred space with you privately, or with family and friends, as we acknowledge your sorrow, your loss and your heartbreak.

Please allow us to guide you at this difficult time.

– Franceska and Bonnie